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" Our goal is to have satisfied clients with a happy and healthy dogs. "
About Us:
Breeding and training dogs is my full time hobby, having over 30 years experience. We are originally from Vermont and have been living in North Carolina for about 14 years.  Our home is on 4 acres and our dogs are able to get plenty of exercise outside with us.
B.A. Psychology Excelsior College
Associates Accounting/Business Management Community College of Vermont
Certified Veterinary Assistant  Wilkes Community College
Certificate Canine Reproduction & Breeding  Davidson Community College 
Early Childhood Credential Davidson Community College
Memberships & Certificates:(under construction)
American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) Certificate Micro-chipping & Scanning of Companion Animals
All About Dog Grooming Certificate: Over 15 years experience
Continuing Education with Jody Murphy Instructional Series: 
Jodi Murphy is a two time Master Pet Stylist and has achieved the status of NCMG (National Certified Master Groomer) through The National Dog Groomers Association of America as well as MPS Meritus (Master Pet Stylist Meritus) through the International Society of Canine Cosmetology. These titles allow Jodi to certify groomers to their master pet stylist status throughout the USA 

How We Raise & Breed Our Dogs:

Our dogs live with us in our home. They are able to socialize with each other, our cats and other visitors.  
Our pups are socialized from birth. They are raised in my house, not in a kennel, and born in my home. Every pup born has been helped into the world with my own hands. All pups  are exposed to household noises, cats and other dogs. We are handling and training them all day every day.  Most of our pups are adopted by families with children and have excellent temperaments

We do not breed a bitch until she is between 1.5 to 2 years of age and she will only be bred until she is around 5- 6+- years old depending on the dog. They are bred either once a year or  2 cycles on 1 off. Each bitch is bred about 4 times before being spayed and retired.  This is the best way to bred dogs if you want healthy puppies.  In addition bitches & studs hips, patella's and eyes are evaluated and genetic testing done for PRA.

Our dogs are groomed regularly, taken out to exercise 4-5 times a day, fed premium quality pet food. We feed Kirkland Signature Super Premium Puppy Chicken, Rice & Vegetable Formula and  Kirkland Signature Super Premium Small Dog Chicken, Rice & Vegetable Formula.  We also recommend: Wellness, Blue Buffalo or Diamond Naturals Small breed and 4 Health formulas. All dogs and pups are  kept up to date on all vaccinations, de-wormed on a regular schedule, on flea preventative and given any needed health care.  

This takes many hours each and every day and many more hours during whelping times . Delivering puppies generally happens at night and requires you stay up all night. Then for 4  weeks  getting up in the night to check on puppies, feed the bitch and take her out to toilet in the night.  A lactating bitch will eat up to 5 pounds of food a day.  

We maintain a 2% loss rate for all puppies born to our bitches.  Statistically about 30% of all puppies born will die in infancy. 

Our Puppies:

Our puppies are de-wormed at 2,4,6 and 8 weeks of age, have had their tails docked and dewclaws removed, been vet checked and had their first puppy vaccination at 6 weeks. Core vaccinations are given at 6, 9 and 12 weeks & rabies between 12-16 weeks. All puppies are kept up to date on de-wormings and vaccinations including ivermectin for heartworm.  We paper and/or litter box train, begin crate training and housetraining. Pups are groomed on a regular basis. They are being socialized, handled and trained on a daily basis.


Before picking up your pup you will receive training information and a list of pre-pick FAQ on how to prepare for your pups arrival.  You will also receive verbal coaching along with literature on how to train your puppy and a bag of puppy food when you pick up your puppy.  Your pup will be groomed the day of pick up and it's nails will be trimmed. All puppies are up to date on vaccinations and de-wormings, tails have been docked and dewclaws removed. (Due to covid-19 tails and dewclaws are left natural currently).  A health records form will be provided.

 We strive to produce healthy well socialized puppies suitable for families with children. We start house training and do our best to have puppies who successfully  integrate into their new homes.  We are available to answer your questions and help you with your dog throughout it's lifetime. This includes re-homing your dog for you if you can no longer care for your dog. The lifespan of the dogs we bred  is 12-14 years this is long term commitment and investment.  What you get back is many years of unconditional love and companionship. 


Additional Socialization Methods:

We use the Monks of New Skete and the Bio Sensor Methods.

We do not substitute these methods for normal socialization and handling of the puppies.

 "The Early Neurological Stimulation Program :The Bio Sensor method is a well-documented puppy development tool.

Each of the 5 exercises last 3-5 seconds, done once a day.
    Tactical Stimulation. Using a Q-tip, stimulate pup between toes on any foot, while holding the pup in the other hand.
    Head held erect. Using both hands, the pup is held in an upward position, so its head is directly above its tail.
    Head pointed down. Holding the pup firmly in both hands, the head is reversed, and is pointed to the ground.
    Supine position. Hold the pup so that its back is resting in the palm of both hands with it?s muzzle facing the ceiling.
    Thermal Stimulation. Using a damp towel that has been cooled in the fridge for at least 5 minutes, place pup on towel with feet down. Do not restrain it from moving.

Early Neurological Stimulation is not a substitute for routine handling, play, socializing or bonding, but in combination with these activities it provides these benefits:

Five benefits have been observed in dogs that were exposed to the Bio Sensor stimulation exercises:
1.Improved Cardiovascular Performance, 2. Stronger Heart Beats, 3. Stronger Adrenal Glands, 4.More Tolerance to Stress, and 5.Greater Resistance to Disease.

New Skete Methods:

?The Art of Raising a Puppy? by the Monks of New Skete is a wonderfully practical guide for raising a companion dog. We have found a huge difference in our pups just using their methods alone. In conjunction with regular handling and playing, we start the New Skete methods outlined below after the neurological stimulation exercises are finished at 16 days.
    1)Snuggle with pup, rubbing all over, breath into muzzle, to let it become acquainted to human smell.
    2)Hold pup into the air with one hand until they start to squeal, and then hold them close and comfort them (helping them realize they can gain comfort from humans).
    3)Tummy Rub. Hold pup in crook of arm on its back, and give it a tummy rub (teaching it to submit to your authority).
    4)Brush pup. Gently brush pup to let it become accustomed to handling and grooming.
    5)Separate pups for 3 minutes, using separate boxes. Gather pups individually and comfort, then return them with their litter mates. This gives them a chance to be separate from their litter mates before they're actually sold which enables them to handle separation anxiety much better.

We find the pups who are exposed to mildly stressful exercises at an early age usually develop into dogs with higher problem solving abilities and are more adaptable to emotionally challenging experiences later in life.


***We reserve the right to refuse to sell a dog to anyone for any reason.***

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