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Adoption Fees Miniature & Moyen Schnoodles:
Adoption fees vary based on coat color, pattern, coat type, size, eye color, the amount of training received and age appropriate veterinary care completed etc. 

In order to hold a pup, we require a deposit of $315 ($300 + 5%) via PayPal.  

Please see the adoption fee noted for each puppy on the available puppies page and/or captions in the photo album. 

Miniature/Large Miniature to Moyen Schnoodles:

$1600-$2000  Merles, Any unique/rare colors; merles with blue eye(s) will be higher than without

$1600-$1800 Wheaten, Apricot with or without white markings, Apricot or Red Parti (spotted/broken pattern), Phantoms (black/red, black/tan, black/white) & Brindle

$1500-$1650 Black & White parti (spotted/broken pattern), Silver/Tan, Black/Silver, Sable and Salt & Pepper 

$1300-$1400 Brown or Black with or without white markings on chest chin, feet etc. 

$1200 to $1300  White, Cream with no other patterns or markings 

We occasionally have  smaller toy sized schnoodles 10 inches or less at the shoulder.

  • Micro-Chipping is available for an additional $50 fee (see FAQ for details)  
  • Spaying or Neutering maybe available for an additional $200 & $250* for miniature/moyen schnoodles *Fee subject to change
  • Any Payment made via Paypal adds 5%. 

Standard Schnoodles: Adoption Fees $2000-$3500 -+

Please note: The giant, standard and miniature schnauzers are separate & distinct breeds with differences in size and temperament. We will not be using standard or giant schnauzers in our  schnoodle breeding program as they do not meet our criteria for a suitable family pet. 

A schnoodles lifespan is 12-14+ years.  Adopting a  dog is a long term commitment and investment. What else would give you some much love back for so little for so long ?  Many families place a deposit and save up the balance of the adopt fee while waiting for the puppy to be born. This makes it more affordable for many families.  

Delivery Options & Fees:

We can deliver your pup to you, or meet you!

If you live some distance away and prefer not to ship your pup, we can possibly meet you halfway, all of the way, or some of the way to lessen your drive time.  Meeting is a great way to reduce the amount of time spent driving and in most cases eliminates the need for an overnight stay.

If you are interested in this option please contact us to discuss the details and for areas not listed.

North Carolina

Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill Area Area $75-$100 

(My Daughter lives in Hillsborough NC 27278 we typically visit about once a month. We can meet at her home for no charge when we are there.)

Greensboro $50  Airport 

Charlotte  $100.00 Airport on Saturday or Sunday  $200 on Weekdays

Hickory $50

Asheville  $200.00

South Carolina

Greenville, SC  $200.00

Columbia, SC   $200.00

Airport Delivery

We may be able to personally deliver your pup to a major airport near your home. 

Rates vary based on date and destination. Please Inquire.

You can fly to us and the puppy can travel on board the plane with you under the seat. Most airlines charge $125 one way for your pet and  require a health certificate. (Health Certificate Fee $150)  We can meet you at the airport in Charlotte or Greensboro.

Deposits and Payments:

Please read the Adopting & Contracts page for complete details.

We accept Paypal. Add 4.0% for paypal payments Paypal
 allows you to use your credit or debit card to make payments. 

In order to hold a pup, we require a deposit. Deposits are $312 for pups via PayPal.  

Deposits received for a specific pup are not refundable under any circumstances.   


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