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Also see our Testimonials page on this website and our Facebook page pinned post for more family's comments about our puppies. References are available on request.

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Reply Steven J Clark Sr
4:13 PM on November 24, 2020 

Twas nice to see a congradulations on the current litters page. Knowing I found Fritz's successor gives me joy. Counting the days to departure to pick up Buddy my new friend. I looked hard and long, doing my research with diligence and tenasity before I chose a breeder and sent a deposit. This is a new way of finding a pet for me, I'm very happy with my choice of Breeders. Very very excited to meet Buddy!!!

Reply judi purdum
1:04 PM on August 30, 2020 

We are looking forward to having another Schnoodle in our lives !

Reply Lisa
10:27 PM on December 17, 2015 

today is my angel's bday. He was born in trixie's litter 3 years ago. His dad is 'red'. There are not enough words to express how amazing and wonderful this dog is. His name is mojo blues, and the day I became his mommy my world changed. He is 100% LOVE! We are incredibly blessed and thrilled that he is ours. I highly recommend Lisa B. to anyone who asks where we got mojo.

Reply Scott
11:49 AM on October 24, 2015 

Fergus is now coming up for his third birthday and has brought such love to our family. He is a wonderful little fellow who is completely dedicated to his human pack. My memory may be rose tinted, but I can only remember two accidents before he was completely house trained and no social problems at all. Wonderful addition to our family and thank you NC Schnoodles for letting us adopt our furry son.

Reply The Newman Family
7:05 PM on October 17, 2014 

Lisa,  Sammy our little sable schoodle is 2 years old today.  I just want you to know how much joy he has added to our family.  When we brought Sammy home I was a stay at home mom and now I work out of my house.  He stays in his bed while I am working and plays fetch with me during my breaks.  He continues to be the most friendly dog in the neighborhood allowing all the kids to pet and love on him.  He patiently waits for the little ones to throw him balls never snatching from them.  He barely ever barks and I just feel like he is the best dog ever.  I would pay thousands to have a dog if I knew he would be this awesome.  He was worth every penny and then some.  I just so appreciate you taking such good care of the parent dogs and the puppies.  He is the most loyal, friendly,best family pet.  I cannot even put into words how amazing this dog is.  He is is exaclty 15 pounds and you estimated he would be 15-20 lbs.  He goes to all sport events, hangs out in the yard with his invisible fence and plays with all neighborhood kids when they return from school.  He might lick you to death but if that is his worst trait I will take it any day.  He adores my husband which was a little reluctant since he had never had an inside dog.  I just LOVE this dog. Thank you so much for the work you do.  It has blessed our life tremedously.  

Reply Kathie Gene Hord
7:42 PM on July 7, 2014 

We adopted our Davie (formally Danny) July 3rd. We love him so much and are very happy. Thank you Lisa and your daughter for your kindness and wonderful pups. I wish I have adopted little Eddie also, but we already have Dhani. Davie sleeps with me every night!

Reply LaDonna
1:42 PM on January 5, 2014 

Thank you for allowing us the time we needed to pick our Schnoodle!   What a hard decision!! We are so happy with our little boy!!  He is adorable !  He has our hearts already.  We had a great ride home, a quiet evening....and he slept all night.   We appreciate your thorough application process, and the total experience!     Joe and LaDonna

Reply Barbara
7:56 AM on March 21, 2013 

We had a wonderful experience when recently adopting our Schnoodle. Lisa is so knowledgeable and professional and answered all of our questions promptly and thoroughly. Our puppy is adorable and healthy and is adapting to his new life so well. He is so smart and is learning so quickly and we are in love with him. I think he is going to be such a fun family dog and we are excited to watch him grow. I feel confident knowing that Lisa gave him such a great start in life! We love NC Schnoodles!

Reply Newman Family
9:05 AM on March 1, 2013 

I just wanted to tell you Lisa how much we love our Sammy. He is from Artie and Lizzie and is sable colored. He is 4 months now and 10 pounds. He sleeps through the night, housebroken, and awesome with our young children. His temperment is perfect and I thank you for that. I just cut his hair for the first time at home and he looks great. So soft and curly. He goes running with my husband, plays fetch in the yard daily and loves to play baseball with us in the yard. My son and I throw the ball to each other and if one of us drops it or over throws he fetches and brings it back to us. It is great! My son adores him. When I see my son, who tends to be a little timid around dogs, love on Sammy and pet him and have him in his lap it makes me so happy. My husband loves this dog more than he will let on. He was a little apprehensive about getting a dog for fear he would disrupt our sleep. This dog has slept in his crate and hasn't cried since about day 4. We put him in his crate at 10pm and we wake him at 7am. How is this possible! You just make great dogs for families. As our kids have gotten a little older my husband is old news when he comes home from work and doesn't get the greeting he use to. But Sammy goes crazy and is so excited. I can tell it really sets a great tone in the house for my husband when he arrives home after a stressful day. I am excited about baseball season and getting to take him with us to the practices and games. He loves to be outside and hasn't met anyone he doesn't like. Even the 3 kids that are very afraid of dogs around us love him and now want to take him for a walk with my son. They come over just to play with him. We still have one girl to convert but otherwise he has a ton of fans. Thank you so much again for this little sweetie. I love him so much and he is spoiled rotten.

Reply cheek famly
9:47 PM on September 24, 2011 

we love our Georgie!!!!

he has stolen the heart of everyone he encounters

our Endy has decided he is a great buddy

he is so very smart, passed his health exam by Dr J Sain with flying colors

sleeps 4-6 hours at nite

has not messed in the house and is a great car rider too

he already responds to "lets go" by following the human leader, and knows to "watch me"

can't imagine what our lives would be like with out this sweet treasure!!!

thanks again

the cheek family 

thanks for all your hard work and tell Abby and Artie thy did a great job!!!