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Our Upcoming Litters and Waitlist


About Our Waitlist: (scroll down for upcoming litter info)

*For all upcoming litters, we are only taking deposits from our paid waitlist. Only those on the waitlist will have their application kept on file, receive email updates with priority/advanced notification, priority opportunities to join a litter pick-order and deposit on a puppy. 

*Our process includes an application/approval process and a $100 waitlist administration fee. A deposit, required to hold a specific puppy, is an additional process after joining our waitlist. 

See our contracts page and info below for details. 


*We will continue to offer any puppies that remain after waitlist selections to the public/non waitlist. 

This will be with an approved application, on a first-come, first-served basis via our website and Facebook. See Available Puppies for any available puppies after waitlist choices. (That are already born..) 

When You Can Expect to Get a Pup:


For those that are flexible concerning sex, and/or coat color patterns you can expect to get a puppy in about 2 to 4 months. (subject to change) It is dependent on what puppies are born and the preferences of those already on the waitlist. 

If you are seeking a very specific or limited sex and/or coat pattern and/or color, it will probably be a longer wait. (4-6 months) Our waitlist coupon is good for 6 months. 

How to Join our Waitlist: 

1. Please submit an application on this site. for approval (required): Click Here 

We will respond via email to notify you of additional info we need (if applicable), availability details and approval. (Usually within 24-48 hours; longer on weekends & holidays due to a high volume of inquires.) 

2. Once notified of approval, submit a $100 administration fee that is non-refundable via PayPal. Link on the Payments page on our website. 

3. Submit contract provided. We will return it with a coupon for $100 that can be applied toward a future deposit on pup in the next 6 months.

-Pick order is based on the date/time the fee & contract are received- 

Upcoming Litters:

(Scroll down for individual litter listings)

1 Litter ready to go home in late December 2022--See Available puppies 

Several Litters will be ready to go home in: 

Late Jan/Early Feb. & Mid -February 2023 (Confirmed)

*Our website is undergoing update/transfer to new server: we are having difficulty uploading new photos but will include links to photo albums as needed* 

*We will add to the listings, with updated details, as pregnancies are confirmed. Due dates can vary due to breeding times. (variation of about 1 week)      

*Additional Planned Schnoodle litter(s) will be ready to go home in: 

March and/or April 2023 (Accepting Waitlist Now) 

*No planned litters for May/June/July 2023 at this time 

(next available Late Summer/Early Fall 2023)  

*We don't have any planned miniature poodle litters at this time. 

*Not breeding miniature schnauzers 

Bunny x Buster (EARLY FEBRUARY)

Miniature F1b Schnoodle Litter

DUE DATE: around 12/12/22 (confirmed pregnancy - 4 or 5 puppies expected)


Estimated Adult Size: 14"-15" at the shoulder and 15-20 pounds.

Expected Coat Colors: merle, wheaten, sable, light apricot and/or cream, black

Estimated Fees: $1500-$1800 merle, apricot or wheaten 

$1400-$1600, black or sable, 

$1200-$1300 white/cream 

(variation for sex, size and quality of markings) 

Bunny is an F1 Mini Schnoodle with a black & white Parti (spotted) coat color. She is about 14" at the shoulder and about 17-18lbs. Her coat is very soft but wavy. She is intelligent, athletic and very affectionate--a sweet and friendly dog. She & her sister Penny are like twins!   


Benjamin “Buster” Brown is a merle schnauzer. He has AKC pedigree and is Embark DNA health tested clear. He is non-shedding, has excellent temperament and health. Size 14” at the shoulder and 20lbs. His puppies have very soft, luxuriously thick coats. Buster passes down his very affectionate and outgoing temperament to all his puppies.

Pippa x Apollo (EARLY FEBRUARY)

Large Mini/Moyen (Small Standard) F1b Schnoodle Litter 

DUE DATE: about 12/12/2022 (confirmed pregnancy -- 4 puppies expected)

8 WEEKS/GO HOME DATE: around 2/6/2023

Estimated Adult Size: 13"-16" at the shoulder and 18-25 pounds 

Expected Coat Colors: black & white parti, brown, black, possibly brown & white or apricot & white parti

Estimated Fees: brown or black $1300-$1400, 

white or cream $1200-$1300, 

apricot or parti (spotted) $1500-$1750 

(variation for sex, size and quality of markings)

Apollo is an AKC moyen/small standard red/dark apricot with white poodle. He is a playful, sweet and affectionate dog with an excellent lineage. (Health tested parents with great temperaments) He is about 16-17" at the shoulder and 22-25 lbs. Apollo is really goofy and loveable. This is something he passes down to his pups. <3 


Pippa is a silver and white parti F1 miniature Schnoodle. 13” at the shoulder and 18 lbs. Playful, smart, and athletic. She takes after the schnauzer in nature. Her lines carry for taller dogs; most of her previous puppies were taller than she is. * Photos are with her coat trimmed shorter for the summer months*

Sadie x Buster (MID-FEBRUARY)

F1b Miniature Schnoodle Litter

DUE DATE: about 12/17/22 (confirmed pregnancy - 5 or 6 puppies expected)

8 WEEKS/GO HOME DATE: around 2/11/23

Estimated Adult Size: 13”-14” at the shoulder and 12-18 pounds 

Expected Coat Colors: merle, black, white/cream, apricot, sable or wheaten

Estimated Fees: 

$1500-$1800 merle, apricot or wheaten 

$1400-$1600, black or sable, 

$1200-$1300 white/cream 

(variation for sex, size and quality of markings) 

Benjamin “Buster” Brown is a merle schnauzer. He has AKC pedigree and is Embark DNA health tested clear. He has excellent temperament and health. Size 14” at the shoulder and 18-20lbs. His puppies typically have very soft, wavy & thick coats. Buster passes down his very affectionate and outgoing temperament to all his puppies. Photos of previous pups sired by Buster are below. <3 

Sadie is a solid black with white markings F1 schnoodle. She is 13” at the shoulder and 16lbs. Her coat type is long, wavy and medium. 

She is a very sweet/gentle natured dog, easy-going and affectionate that is active and playful. Sadie’s is often wagging her tail--and her whole bottom with it! She & her sister Katie are practically twins. 

Her last litter with Buster produced some gorgeous merle puppies--photo below. <3 
Cleo x Sawyer (MID-FEBRUARY)

F1b Miniature/Large Mini Schnoodle Litter

DUE DATE: about 12/17/22 (Bred, not confirmed pregnancy -3 to 5 pups)

8 WEEKS/ GO HOME DATE: around 2/11/23

Estimated Adult Size: 13”-14” at the shoulder and 12-18 pounds It might be possible for large mini/moyen sized. (14-15” at shoulder & 20lbs)

Expected Coat Colors: black & white parti, red & white parti, brown & white parti, black, brown

Estimated Fees:  $1300-$1400 black or brown, 
black & white parti $1500-$1600, 
brown & white or red & white parti $1550-$1650 
(variation for sex and quality of markings)

Cleo is a black & white parti F1 miniature Schnoodle with a medium coat type like a traditional schnauzer. She is intelligent and gentle-natured. 13” at the shoulder and 16-17 lbs.

Sawyer is a miniature red & white part poodle, 15" at the shoulder and 16 pounds. He is a littermate to Eddy. He is a typical poodle--bouncy and playful. Obedient and sensitive as well. His eyes are a hazel shade, which he may pass on to his puppies. 
Standard Schnoodles:

Next Litters: None Currently
See our available moyen (small standard) Puppies

Please note: The giant, standard and miniature schnauzers are separate & distinct breeds with differences in size and temperament. We will not be using standard or giant schnauzers in our schnoodle breeding program as they do not meet our criteria for a suitable family pet.

Click Here for More Information on Our Standard Breeding Program

About Our Puppies



See the About Us and Available Puppies pages for additional details


*tail docking and dewclaw removal (back claws only) Front dewclaws will be left natural. We will also be offering some litters with natural tails and front declaws left natural. (On a litter-by-litter basis)  


* All puppies are kept up to date on deworming and vaccinations. deworming at 2,4,6, and 8 weeks of age - vaccinations at 6, 9 & 12 weeks 

-Heartgard Plus starting at 12-16 weeks & Frontline Plus starting at 8 weeks

*They are eating 4health Original Puppy Formula premium dog food available at Tractor Supply Co. 



*All our puppies are crate trained and age-appropriately house trained. We paper train first (at weaning), then begin crate training and house-training. 

*Pups are groomed on a regular basis. They are being socialized, handled and trained on a daily basis. 


We breed a few first generation F1 (schnauzer x poodle) Schnoodle litters 

but mostly multi-generation F1b Schnoodles. (Schnoodle x poodle or Schnoodle x schnauzer) Sizes are: Moyen (Small Standard) & Miniature 

You will receive with your Pup:

-A 1gal/3lb bag of the food they are eating (4Health Original Puppy Formula) with added probiotics

-Nylabone Chew toy 

-Starter Halter & Leash

-Fleece blanket with Mom & Littermates' scent

-Our detailed 18pg Care Guidelines booklet -everything you need to know about caring for your puppy. Customized, with references, a culmination of fact-based knowledge and experience unlike what you might receive from other breeders.    

-Customized Shopping List/FAQs to help you buy what you really need for your puppy and where to get a good price 

-Complimentary 30 days of Pet Health Insurance with Trupanion (No obligation, must activate)